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FO: iPod Touch Felted Cozy

As it turns out, the iPod Touch Cozy was a very small update on my original iPod Nano cozy pattern. Basically this is the change: instead of casting on 42 stitches with Judy’s Magic Cast On (21 stitches on each needle), I cast on a total of 50 stitches (which, by the way, was a kind of mistake, because I had intended 54 stitches). It totally worked. Here’s the cozy before felting:



Felting: I put into a pillowcase and tied it shut, then washed in cold water with some other clothes into the wash cycle, then pulled it out after repeating the initial agitation (but not the full rinse and spin cycles) and popped into the dryer with a towel until dry (checked it along the way) and it came out a perfect size!




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