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Knit, rip, repeat.

Have you ever looked and worked a knitting pattern as though you are a little drunk? That’s how I felt tackling size is about right for a single skein of loveliness, and variegated yarns can work with it, given there is a lot’s of garter stitch, and some ribbing. Take this little bit of the shawl:


I must have cast-on this part about 5 times. Yeah, I am good at skimming over directions that I think I understand, only to find out that you actually have read and knit what is actually written. This is not “hard” knitting, just very specific knitting.

Then, I realized I was knitting loosely on my needles, so I thought to weigh the yarn at the half-way point, and I was about 1 gram low on about 50 grams of yarn left to finish the shawl. So I knit it tighter. About 80 percent of the way done I laid the whole shawl out and I realized that while I would have enough yarn, the difference in the gauge meant that some parts looked different – the second half was tighter and brighter. The early stitches were loosey-goosey and not-so-fine.

At this point I took a really deep breath. This yarn, although lovely, is not in my colors, it will be a gift (to someone) so I won’t have to live with any imperfections. In addition, the yarn is an almost single of wool and silk, so the re-knitting can take a toll on the yarn. But I really didn’t think it was up to my standards, nor to the quality of the yarn.

So I pulled the entire thing out, yes, 80 percent of the way through the project, I went back to the beginning. Some of the early yarn that had been knit 5 times – I cut it off because it was too frazzled, but it was only a couple of yards.

The last time I began the shawl, it was really easy to knit because by now, duh, I knew how the pattern worked. And I knit the yarn tighter on the same needle, which was really just a bit looser than the original. And finished the pattern with some few yards to spare.

The result: the knitting was evener. But the color thing was totally a product of the hand painted nature of the yarn – about half of the yarn is simply more filled with the bright bits than the other half. Not so much that anyone will notice when it was worn.

Here’s the final product. (See, the right side is brighter than the left!) It is now in the “gift FO” section of my closet, awaiting a person for whom it will be a lovely gift!