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What Renee Knit in 2014


I’ve started to total what items I completed the year before, just to see what’s what, but in looking I haven’t done this for the past two years. Oh well. Here is my list for 2014 (via Ravelry projects, which is pretty close to what I knit):

Sweaters 5
Dishcloths 9
Socks 32 (lots of baby socks for Afghans for Afghans)
Cowl 1
Shawls 3
Hats 19 (lots of baby hats for Afghans for Afghans)
Mittens 11
Baby bird nests 12
Potholders 2

Non-knitting: Felted dryer balls 18!

I am pretty sure that I have never knit baby birds nests before, and that was a lovely project of Wildcare, my local non-profit that will be moving to walking distance from where I live in a couple of years. The copious quantities of hats and socks was due a baby campaign of Afghans for Afghans (sadly over, but it was fun). Both of these charity knitting adventures helped me to destash a bunch of wool scraps that might have been simply thrown out (except now I know to keep them for the felted dryer balls.

The dishcloths – well, I got on a kick for Christmas gifts for a friend, and then it turned out mine were a wreck, and then my cousin wanted some, so there we have it. They were so fun to knit – one done in an evening.image

And then the unknit project – the felted dryer balls – were a total hit at Christmas.


All my relatives thought I was a very hip crafter to make them. Even though I didn’t knit to make them, I did use up some handknit socks that were beyond their useful life to make the cores (cut into pieces), so even that was a very thrifty knit. Wanna make some? Go here.

As I look at my knitting, I realize that most of it is for other people, and that’s ok – I could never use for myself all the projects that I like to make, and as it is I have a ton of shawls that don’t get worn enough because I have so many. It feels good that my knits are being appreciated!

Next post: what I knit on my holiday vacation!