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In my quest to leisurely finish knitting Christmas gifts by Thanksgiving, I decided that I’d knit a couple of dishcloths for a friend who bought a new house this year. In Mason-Dixon Knitting, Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner write “Despite being the simplest thing in the world to make, a knitted dishcloth is something you can…send to a faraway friend for a housewarming present.” (p. 20)

Him being a guy, I needed some that did not have pink in them. And I wanted to check out the stash, which fortunately had bits and skeins of 100% non-mercerized cotton and cotton/linen blends. Surely a couple of these wouldn’t take long. I used the freebie Ballband dishcloth pattern  (rav link) found on some Peaches and Creme yarn or in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.


But then, readers, I checked my own supply of dishcloths, and it was not pretty. All of mine were faded, and junky.  It was a sad little heap, and they went directly to the trash can. Since I was knitting them anyway, so I kept on knitting. And realized that actually knitting blue ones for my guy with a new house is better thing.


So I kept on knitting until I was mostly out of materials, and lo and behold, it became a pin wheel of dishcloths!



Or perhaps a stack.


Either way, both my friend and I will be in dishcloths this year!

With these done, there is only one more project planned, a beaded something for a friend, and that will close the chapter on knitting/crafting things for this year, with only a couple of gifts to buy (because, teen girls are very hard to buy for – it will be gift cards, and probably a gift card for the last guy to the local bookstore).

So, knitters, how is your holiday making coming along? If you are done, you might want to check out the Knitmore Girls Grinchalong, which is basically knitting anything BUT holiday gifts. They are of the opinion that knitters should not kill themselves or their holiday cheer by racing around knitting to wee hours of the night to finish gifts. I am of the same opinion, which is why I usually start in August to work on my gifts! Check out the Grinchalong thread here on Ravelry. I will be able to join soon, just have to finish that one last gift!

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