Close to Home, the Baby Birds Edition

I have a small balcony to my apartment, and every fall and end of summer, it becomes the scene of great activity – red finches love to hang out in the eaves. This practice has been steady over the years, and now that a tree is growing alongside my balcony, I suspect it is an even friendlier place.


Yesterday I thought the babies had been born, there was A LOT of activity. and I was RIGHT!

Here they are – so cute!


For now, they are safe, but I’ll need to watch things closely so that I don’t let the cats out when they are trying out their wings.

Because this is the season of baby birds, Wildcare, a San Rafael-based nonprofit, has put out a call to knitters (and crocheters) for knitted nests. I’ve now done a couple of unfelted ones, and about to do some felted ones with miscellaneous leftovers. Local charity knitting – fantastic!

Want to knit for Wildcare? Go here to download a comprehensive guide (note: wherever the patterns say “row” it means “round.” And there’s a great Baby Bird Nest Knit-a-long group on Ravelry – come join us!
Baby's Nests for Wildcare

Because, how cute are baby birds?