(Un) Palm Sunday

Today is the beginning of Holy Week, the biggest week in the Christian calendar. This year, I was off, even though I’m serving a church.

Partly it was to do with being part time – I’m only half-time, and I take one Sunday a month off. Originally, there were going to be big doings on the first and last Sundays, and you can’t take Easter off, so I figured I had to take this one off.

And I didn’t go to church today. I know!

I did consider it, and I had plenty of options, that’s for sure. In the end, since I’m spending the weekend trying to finish my knitting designs, instead, I went to the church of knitting, appropriately at the church of coffee, Starbucks.

There, I shared some stuff that I hadn’t had a chance to share at Knit night. One is a terrific new spinning magazine called Ply. It’s been out about a year, I finally ordered a back issue and wow!


And I brought my new amazingly interchangeable spindle that I’m tempted to call “the Spindle to rule them all.” It’s top whorl, no bottom whorl, drop and supported and three interchangeable shafts, from the brilliant mind of Ken Ledbetter:



And while at the church of knitting, I was wearing one of my designs, an d folks want that as a pattern too. Which of course is not one of the patterns I’m working on. Yay me? I think.

But even as I’m not palm in it today, I’m knee deep in my spirituality as I explore a medieval mystic, Margery Kempe,


and the Eco-spirituality of St Francis for my designs. And inspired by them both for their commitment and perseverance in spite of tremendous obstacles.

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