The Way Forward is Strange and Weaves

It’s been seven months since my mother died.

About 3-4 months ago I began to put together a list – I call it a “Life List” (that sounds way better to me than a Bucket List) – things I want to do in life.

It was hard. Hard because life had kicked me in the gut, and I went down. And doubly hard because pastors are not supposed to go down (but we do sometimes). By grit I kept going, and did the list (it’s from this book, I think it may be out of print, but it’s good – Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Dave Ellis.

And then I couldn’t go on – I literally had to put the book down, plop the list on my desktop and handle just today. That what I did for the rest of the time until now.

I looked at the list yesterday, and a funny thing I noticed: I had already done or begun a few things on the list. I know! I was surprised and elated that yes, things have happened and continue to happen.

The way out of loss and grief is strange and it winds and weaves. I don’t know where or how life will go on, but for now, today has been enough, and I’m truly thankful for everyone who has had a kind word or thought in the past few months.

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Hang in there, Renee. Sometimes if I pay attention, loss and grief remind me that I’m still alive. There’s more for me to experience and learn.

Feel like I’ve been peddling backward lately. Thanks for this post.

Thanks Aimee. It’s an up and down journey, but looking at the has reminded me that life moves on, and well.

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