Despite all the corporate thugginess associated with the Olympics these days, I have to say that the athletes themselves are inspirational for the most part.  And this year, the uniforms are making me cry. You see, there was a big to-do leading up the 2012 games when it became clear that Ralph Lauren had outsourced the making of the uniforms to China. A petition from US labor asked the label to source the uniforms for 2014 domestically. And they did.

Last week (while I was neck-deep getting certified as a water fitness instructor), I happened on the video of Ralph Lauren’s announcement about the uniforms for the upcoming games in Sochi.

You gotta watch:

I cried a little. You might too.

And it niggled a brain neuron that fired, and voila! I found my very own skein of Imperial Yarn bought a couple of seasons ago – a bouncy, two-ply woolen yarn (tough to find woolen spun these days, let alone mulespun!):

Imperial yarn

Yep, the yarn comes from that very company whose wool is used for the uniforms.

And isn’t this message on the tag great? They think of everything:

Imperial wool tag

This will be a wonderful project to knit during the games – my homage and reminder that sometimes a corporate giant will listen to the complaints from the public, and change course. We who care about wool need to remember this!


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  1. Thank you for sharing that. What an inspirational story. I bet you make something really beautiful out of that yarn during the games.

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