FO: Lintilla

Over at the Knitmore Girls podcast, there is a  “Behm-a-long” happening – folks are knitting up wonderful patterns by Martina Behm, a lovely German designer with some really hot patterns.

On my trip to Princeton and then Rhinebeck, and staying in Hyde Park, and then a night with friends in Katona, I worked on my shawl, and while I brought back-up emergency knitting, and even packed my Chaio Goo interchangeable needle set, just in case, I never finished the shawl. I came close on the airplane ride home, and then realized that I had  messed the final tip, so I put it away, and finished it Tuesday night, and blocked it over night.

Along the way, I took the opportunity to weigh the remaining amount of my 150 gr Wollmeise skein in the madness of the Saturday Rhinebeck crowds to make sure that I had enough yarn to finish the  project – and I had 12 grams left, so I didn’t cut it close (it will be put in the “little balls of fingering weight yarn” bag for some future use).


The weather got cool just in time to wear it – lucky me!

Photo on 10-24-13 at 4.53 PM #3

Project details here: Renee’s Lintilla