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Rhinebeck Redux – Part 1

This year, I was lucky enough (again!) to have a work trip out to the NJ/NY area that ended just before Rhinebeck (aka New York Sheep and Wool) festival began, so I once again had an experience of a lifetime.

As two years ago, I stayed in a house down in Hyde Park, just slightly more sane than actual Rhinebeck, and drove up with better directions and a shorter trip than last time — by at least an hour.

Patsy, my host, was welcoming again, and this time I got the lovely big room with the rocking chair, and queen canopy bed. Very smart choice, and I loved it.

Last time when I went to Rhinebeck it got a little lonely hanging out all day on my own and not knowing anyone, so I put up on the Ravelry board that I was looking to join in dinner with anyone, and Amy of Hudson Valley Knits responded that we could have dinner. Now Amy did more than that, she invited her whole knitting group – the Peekskill Knitting Group to have dinner, as a preview for Rhinebeck (Amy called it the Rhinebeck Rehearsal Dinner!). Amy’s husband is a chef, so she knows good food – we had dinner at Birdsall in downtown Peekskill. A lovely craft beer/ale/cider house and focusing on locally sourced food, we ate in the garden (there were heaters), and had a wonderful evening:


These ladies are a ton of fun! What a nice warm-up to the actual event!

This year, because I had screwed my ankle up, I did not take in the whole adventure the way that I did two years ago – I didn’t make it to the animal barns, I stayed away from a couple of the meet-ups because the hill footage was too much for my right leg. I did, however, get to take a class with Abby Franquemont, in fact, two classes.


They were lovely, and she has an inductive style to teaching classes, so you can think that perhaps she doesn’t know what she’s doing unless you figure it out. I got there early the first day and we chatted about teaching adults, since I’d just finished doing that myself, so I knew what she was up to. I learned to spin on a low whorl spindle, and a couple of new tricks to do long draw in a more ergonomic manner. Plus, we had a young spinner in our midst. Meet Ashley.


She is 10, and the granddaughter of one of the organizers, who brought her and her little sister along to be runners for the classes, but oops, she ended up being a spinner. By the beginning of her second day of spinning, she already had five balls of yarn (!!!) She is spinning tussah silk in this picture – amazing and wonderful.

At the end of the first day, I had bought some stuff, eaten lunch, oh, and bought Clara Parkes new book and gotten her to sign it. More photos and experiences tomorrow, including the stuff I acquired!



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I had a great time, and Amy was so generous with her time through the whole weekend. Ankle kept me from seeing quite as much as last time, but still a wonderful trip. A couple of more “highs” tomorrow!

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