Tech Tip Tuesday: Experiment on a Small Canvas

If you get in a knitting rut, this is my advice: start experimenting on small projects to get your knitting mojo back!

Learning new things is a challenge. When you are a beginner, there are so many things that you don’t know that it can seem overwhelming to actually knit something productive.

My advice: experiment with new knitting techniques on a small project – mittens, hats, socks, cowls. These projects are not all that much bigger than a large swatch, and if you have to rip part of it out, it can’t be a lot!

I knit some socks from Sensational Socks to see if I could learn how:

Fancy Socks1d.JPG

They aren’t perfect, but very warm and playful!

Another time, I knit some colorful socks and mittens out of scraps, and refined my color knitting for a good cause (Afghans for Afghans).

A4a socks and mittens

Don’t stay stuck – experiment and play!