My Precious

Let me say up front: I don’t stalk yarn. I don’t go on websites to find the latest loveliness, or to figure out when an update will happen. I’ve knit for over 30years, and this is true for me: there will always be great yarn to knit with.

So it is a little extraordinary for me to get a little rhapsodic about a yarn, but Wollmeise has done that. I was given two skeins of it (not purchased-see first paragraph for why), and the drape and color have seduced me, the first skein was knit up two years ago, but other one hung out while I figured out what to with it.

Here are the two skeins, the one on the right has been in the stash for two years:


I”ve finally found a pattern for it —Lintilla bye Martina Behm, a ruffles Shawlette in garter stitch, just slightly asymmetrical .

Loving it! It will be my travel knitting for my East Coast trip, which will include a weekend at Rhinebeck (aka NY Sheep and Wool Festival)! I might finish in time to wear it there.