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FO: Dark and Stormy

In a time of grieving, a comfort knit is a very good thing. The yarn for this sweater was ordered before my mom died last spring, and it arrived the day after she died. Talk about good yarn karma. It’s Yowza! Whatta skein from Miss Babs in the Rainforest colorway. I knit a swatch, wet it, and through it in the dryer (it’s superwash wool):


I had been gifted the Dark and Stormy pattern for some reason (now lost to history), and it was sitting in the library for quite a while. I’m not terribly fond of top/down raglan sweaters for me, because I have a bust, I’m short, and the proportions can get really off. But I really loved the back cable on this sweater, and top-down seemed about all I was up for knitwise, so I began, and I got through the yoke, separated for the body of the sweater, and knit down to a couple of inches below the bustline (after having added in some short rows), and summer came. A hot knit on the lap was not in the offing. It sat off to the side, in knitting timeout, waiting for another day.

Dark and Stormy1b

In the meantime, I worried about whether it was a good thing to do the top-down raglan, even though everything seemed to fit. I worried even though I  had tried it on at a yarn swap to see what my knitting friends thought – and it had passed inspection. I mused and pondered.  Maybe I should rip it out and start over, using the cable, but  instead knit the sweater in pieces with set-in sleeves, but because I was alternating skeins of the lovely hand dyed yarn, ripping out the yarn would be a big old pain in the you-know-what.

Finally, I decided I should just go ahead. I didn’t want to go back, and sitting half-way done would have been the stupidest decision of all.  Let not the dream of the perfect create obstacles for the good! I kept knitting, and tweaking to make sure there wouldn’t be too much fabric under the arms. You can check my project details on Ravelry here.

And requisite feline inspection also occurred:

Dark and Stormy1e

The shawl collar and button bands were completely reworked – I blogged about it here, and the result is really lovely. The buttons were a totally great find (you know about the Button Emporium, right?), and this will be my Rhinebeck sweater (she says hoping that there will be a crisp coolness in the air along the Hudson Valley).

Dark and stormy FO

I hope to get some photos of me walking at the Wool and Sheep Festival with it on!

Dark and Stormy she’s not – she’s a hug from my mom. I still need those hugs.

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