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Tech Tip Tuesday: Shopping from Your Pattern Stash

I love patterns – even ones that I know I will never knit. And having patterns available and in mind to knit makes purchases at the yarn store so much easier.

Over the weekend, I worked at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber at their 5th Anniversary sale. My job was to be on the floor to help customers find yarn, and make selections. The ones who ended up being very successful were the ones who walked in the store with an idea of what they wanted to knit – be it a cowl, sweater, hat. We could look at the yarn requirements and then pick the yarn and needles to go with the project. I helped one woman choose 4 different project yarns for four separate projects, and she thought I was a miracle worker to find her appropriate yarns – well, she helped tremendously by knowing what she wanted to knit!

Today I checked my virtual library on Ravelry, and it contains – among the books, magazines, leaflets, single and multiple pattern pdf”s.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 4.16.27 PM

a total 2, 279 patterns! These are ready to knit and now to me free, but I don’t remember a lot of them. It’s a knitting stash buried in the stacks, so to speak.

The Ravelry library in your notebook makes shopping from your pattern stash easy, once you invest a bit of time. Take a rainy, quiet afternoon and gather your knitting and crochet magazines and books and enter them into your Ravelry library. (You don’t need to do this for patterns bought on Ravelry – they’re already there.) It might take an hour, two if you have a lot of them.

Why do you want to do this? Well, in the Ravelry pattern advanced search, you can click on a button to search only for patterns that are in your library.  So, if I’m looking for a scarf pattern with lace, I can search for that kind of pattern that is buried in my own books and magazines (I have 47 patterns to choose from with these characteristics). I can search all the cable cardigan patterns in my library to see what appeals (18 patterns here, and I’ve knit many of them!).

Dark and stormy FO



Do you notice a color theme here? LOL!

Make the small investment of time in your pattern library on Ravelry, and you’ll make more intelligent yarn choices, save money, and use those patterns you already have!

Want to do this? Check out the guided tips page on Ravelry to take the Library Tour.

6 replies on “Tech Tip Tuesday: Shopping from Your Pattern Stash”

Thanks for the Ravelry tip. I confess I haven’t done many (read ‘any’) tutorials on finding my way around Ravelry.

Your Rheinbeck sweater is lovely. Please don’t pull a Yarn Harlot. She went to a knitting festival & left all her warm sweaters, mittens, etc. at home & had to contemplate buying a sweatshirt.

Hah! so many folks don’t use the full power of Ravelry – this is an easy way to really gain value! I will try not to pull “a Yarn Harlot”! I always pack knitwear for cold weather, living in a warmer climate!

It was nice to meet you at Bluebird, Renee! And thanks for the great tip about searching for patterns you already have. Have fun at Rhinebeck in your beautiful sweater!

Thanks, Ann. I will definitely have a great time at Rhinebeck, and report back on all the learnings and acquisitions!

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