Gradual Spin

I’ve finally gotten back to the lovely Targhee fiber from Benny’s Fiber – and started to spin it.

I’ve decided to use my Trindle (go here for details), which has not gotten a lot of use other than showing off since I bought it. It’s only .5 oz, and with the weight on the outer edges, it can hold a lot more fiber than its own weight.

I did a small test swatch, and really like how a 2-ply shows off the lace!


Targhee swatching + trindle

I have a total of 6 six colors, and I’m thinking I’ll use 4 of them for this project — which will be some kind of gradient shawl — cream, light tan, golden carmel (the color shown), and deep chocolate. The two greys are lovely, but not for this project.

So far, I’ve been able to get double the weight of fiber onto the Trindle  – and it’s lovely to spin!