If it’s August…

There’s something about August. For most ordinary individuals, August means vacations and lightness and fun, and all kinds of lazy fun. For me, if it’s August, I must be down for the count.

Two years ago, I came down with chicken pox on the eve of attending what became the very last and final Sock Summit (sob!). I did get some extremely lovely yarn from a blog reader who lives near the Wollmeise store in Germany – it was such a generous gift!

Last year, I ended up with a sinus infection that repeated itself three more times in the coming year — and I attended a conference before I knew it, feeling like an old lady because I wanted to hit my room at 8 pm, just like a real 80 year old.

This year, I started the month well – certainly that the August curse would be broken. And for two lovely weeks I enjoyed myself like most people do in August – hikes, lunches, etc. And then this:


I fell, and I fell stupidly, and had no one to blame but myself. I was on a stool at the church I’ve been hanging with, volunteering to help with the Music Campt), and I turned and moved forgetting I was on the stool, and took a tumble.  I thought I had just badly sprained my ankle but a friend took me to urgent care, and it turns out that I had nicked the fibula, so it’s a fracture, but apparently the kind of fracture that is treated more like a sprain.

Oh, the things I thought I would do — well, they aren’t getting done. At least not now, on the original timeframe.

On the plus side, there’s plenty of time for knitting! Let’s review:

First, a pair of socks – pretty vanilla, for a guy for Christmas:

Christmas Sock

I’m most of the way through the second one, although apparently while knitting in bed and watching my iPad, I cannot knit 3×1 ribbing reliably in a dark color. I had to reknit a good part of the 2nd leg.

Second, I have a pair of challenging socks. These are Pret-Pret-Pretties (Ravelry link) by Heather Ordover, found in the What (Else) Would Madame DeFarge Knit. I had problems, first because the e-edition of the book didn’t have the correct cable stitch pattern for the cuffs, which I found out about through Ravelry (and was correct in the print edition).


It became painfully obvious after knitting the heel that something was seriously amiss in the pattern – as in, oops – that stitch pattern will not fit into that number of stitches! So I contacted Heather who has become a friend, and together we are figuring out what happened – as the editor of the book, Heather was better about getting other people’s patterns fully tech-edited than she was about her own. She did design it well, and correctly, so she’s basically recovering her initial genius!


It’s a lovely sock, and I’ve learned three new things in knitting them, so it’ll all work out.

In more adventurous news, I am swatching for a sweater:

swatching for Customfit

The yarn is  Cascade 220 quattro (each of the four strands are a different color, which gives the heathered color),  and I’m going to knit a very basic cardigan sweater. Sounds boring, right? Here’s the exciting part – I am a beta test knitter for a new software service by Amy Herzog — Custom Fit – which will take your measurements, your desired sweater shape and treatments, and create custom knitting directions via her software. It’s brilliant and so needed! But I am in one of the later testing groups, and while for a brief period it looked like I would be knitting while recuperating, but my contribution to the test knitting is now delayed to early September.

There’s a bit more to report on the job front, and fiber-wise, but I’ll post that stuff tomorrow!