A Trip to Big Sky Country, Part 1

I have a couple of friends, Carol and Shell, who moved to Montana a few years ago, and they have been after me to visit them – and so the calendar opened up, I had a credit on an airfare to use, and they welcomed me to this:


Yeah- quite a view from their house. This is a small valley outside Bozeman, called Bridger Canyon, named after a guy Bridger who helped to create the city (but sadly died in Missouri, where he moved after he developed some sight problems).

It was my first time flying Alaska Airlines, and that was more fun than the usual masses in a tight space experience. They don’t give you more space, but they make it a teeny-bit more enjoyable by offering complmentary wine or ale/beer on the flights. Sadly, I learned about this after my first set of flights, but since they were in the morning, probably that was best.

As we landed in Bozeman, it became clear that we had some visitors from another country, a number of young Asian women, who turned out to be Chinese, and they said that they were coming to Bozeman to work for the Residence Inn on an “internship.” They were charming, had a bit of English, but I worried that their internship might just be a way for the hotel to have cheap labor for the summer. I kept my worries to myself, of course, and helped them find baggage claim.

The first couple of days Carol showed me around the city – I got to go to the Museum of the Rockies (just go, they have an amazing collection on dinosaurs!). The museum shop has lovely items that are from local craft folk and some are made by the volunteers. I also really enjoyed the Living History House next door – they have a ton of volunteers who make it a real life living history place.

For some reason, I took a lot of photographs of the garden. Here are a couple:
and the inside was nicely decorated:
Upstairs there was a whole room devoted to fiber-related items – some things I didn’t know about, but there were floor and table looms and combs and fiber and knitting. Someone had knitted a lovely baby sweater out of handspun from a vintage pattern:
Carol and I also went downtown for lunch and shopping one day, and had a lovely lunch at the Cateye Cafe. So yummy, and had the added benefit of making my cat decorations in my apartment seem meager in comparison.

Friday began the big adventure of driving across the state to a Big Sky event – the Big Sky Fiber Festival – stay tuned for Part 2 of my adventures!

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Those are beautiful photos!

Hey, the US government has so embarrassed itself that no matter where he ends up, there will be egg on even more faces.

Hey Bonny, I’ll send you an email, we’ll figure out what’s going on. And Fleegle, thanks for the compliment – I only used my small digital camera and my iPad – but it worked out!

What a great trip! I’ve been to Big Sky in the winter, and it is stunningly beautiful with snow. I’m sure the summer version is just as beautiful.

Yeah, I have to question that whole “internship,” but you did the right thing by helping them. It’s not their fault if they indeed are being exploited as cheap labor.

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