I’ve been doing a fair amount of secret knitting, which means that for blogging, there is far less to report in the short run. It does mean that I’m excited about these projects, and really hoping to show you the results sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I’m doing summer knitting, and this summer, in addition to lace, and socks and the like, it also means summer fibers – and linen. To the woolly oriented knitter, linen can be a shock to knit. A standard knit yarn has no bounce to it at all. It feels like string, and often like twine (ouch!). But linen’s properties are so wonderful once thrown into the washing machine and put through the dryer (can you believe it?), that the knitter, perhaps like women who manage to forget the pain of childbearing, are willing to forget the agonies that got them something like this:


Now, some clever yarn manufacturers, in this case, ShiBui, have figured out how to minimize discomfort in linen knitting. They have created a tube of linen, and this tube is

  1. much easier on the hands
  2. has a bit of stretch because of the i-cord like tube

It’s been a few years since I knit with linen, but even I was happily surprised about my experience with this ShiBui Linen yarn. And the drape, oh my!

IMG_0713 IMG_0710

Simple, lovely, linen!

2 replies on “Drape”

I have a linen tank/tunic I knit a few years ago. I love it, but the drape of the fiber, plus loose gauge, plus the weight of the thing made the armholes grow dramatically after I wore it several times. I ended up folding under the shoulders and just machine-stitching them down. It fits much better now.

I had the same thing happen to one of mine (the one in the photo). Machine stitching works great on linen, and I’m not a purist that way!

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