My sweater needs by-pass surgery.

I’m on sweater number 5 for the current Afghans for Afghans campaign – the goal is to to knit 500 sweaters for the coming winter for a girls school.  Five sweaters is 1% of the needed number – I’m finally a 1 percenter!!!

I started the sweater not terribly sure what I was going to do once I finished the body and sleeves up to the armhole. I did dye a bit of some nameless wool yarn I got years ago that I turned into some socks back when, and started with some simple colorwork on the body:

Stranded yolk EPS Sweater

and I did a little at the end of the sleeves as well to coordinate:

Stranded yolk EPS Sweater

After I finished the up-to-the-armhole parts, I decided to do an Elizabeth Zimmermann EPS sweater, with a circular yoke. It came out really well, which is good, because I winged the entire thing – and always magically had the right number of stitches for whatever stitch pattern I made up:

Stranded yolk EPS Sweater

But it is in need of surgery – fortunately within my own competency. See?

Stranded yolk EPS Sweater

I cannot explain why I thought a big-ol’ stripe in the middle of all of the lovely colorwork was a good idea. It might have been with another yoke pattern, but not this one. It must go. Yes, the sweater will be worn in Afghanistan, but there are standards to be maintained! Dear Reader, here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. With a circular needle, thread the circular into each stitch on the row below the stripe.
  2. Do the same for the row immediately above the stripe.
  3. Carefully pull out all the stitches of the first and last row of the stripe (save yarn for something else!).
  4. With the bottom of the sweater, knit the same number of rows as the stripe.
  5. Options here:
    1. Take a couple of long pieces of yarn and graft the two rows together
    2. Do a three-needle bind off with the two pieces.

I think I’ll have to test out each of the methods. The grafting will be difficult to make even, the three-needle bind-off will leave a ridge. At least the yarn is very dark and whatever the issues, they won’t be too noticeable.

The patient awaits – but I think I need to get a lot of sleep before doing this “major surgery”!

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