Baby, Baby

I love to knit for babies. First, there’s the matter that they don’t get to choose to wear what you knit them. So unless the parents hate your stuff, they’ll get worn. Second, baby items go so quickly — you can knit a whole sweater in the time it would take to knit a sleeve on an adult garment. Third, the acceptable color palette for babies is wide today. No longer stuck in baby pastels in bad acrylic! I do have one rule for knitting for babies– it must be machine wash and dry, unless one is knitting an heirloom baptismal garment. And that means Superwash wool, nylon or acrylics, or washable fibers like cotton and linen.

The latest baby I’ve knit for hasn’t been born yet, although we know that the baby is a boy. But in this case that does not mean I was stuck with blue and brown. His dad runs a small crafting business on Etsy called Phil Barbato with brightly colored stuff animals that are beyond cute, so neither mom or dad are afraid of color. Yay for fun!

I knit a small newborn hat so there would be some immediate gratification for mom and dad:

Brioche rib baby hat

This is a free pattern called the Brioche Baby Hat — which uses the half-brioche stitch, which is very stretchy. The yarn is a hand-painted sock yarn called Denali that I recently made a pair of socks out of.

But I don’t like making things like sweaters in newborn sizes because they are outgrown so fast. I knit a sweater and hat set in 12 month sizes. The cardigan is a lovely pattern called the Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos. Note: this is a really well-written pattern and and includes a bunch of sizes and uses up scrap yarn quite helpfully. I made a couple of small modifications to this patten rav link here. The hat is my incorporation of the playful stripes for a pretty standard beanie. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

Playful stripes cardigan1f
Playful stripes cardigan1g
Playful stripes hat1b