The Sign of the Box of Chocolates

On Saturday, a box of chocolates appeared unbidden and unsigned on my doorstep. I do not know who they came from, it is large and full of sweetness. I wondered, is this a new, modern-day miracle that Jesus is instituting, or a temptation from the devil that I must refrain from? A couple of days late for Valentine’s Day, the box’s appearance is mysterious, isn’t it?

And so began my own couple of social media reflections, and responses.


@reneerico Someone left a large box of chocolates on my door yesterday, no note. Maybe God is saying, “just get fat again?” #wrongmessagesfromgod

Soon, I got my replies:
@olevia Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you just have to accept ’em. And eat ’em.
@lalunkee Hush you. You’ve earned the chocolates.
@AimeesBlog Nope. Chocolate is all good. 🙂
Kit Haener Argilla I say the chocolates are an acknowledgement of what an awesome daughter you are.
Thanks, Kit, that one definitely hit home for me.
A similar theological debate on the goodness of chocolate boxes was opened on Facebook.


Renee Rico Yesterday there was a large box of chocolates on my doorstep when I returned from the hospital. I am sure it is a sign I should get fat. Oops, wrong message for Lent.
Again my friends weighed in on the sign of the chocolate box.
Nicole Barnabé Nah, it’s a sign that you should take pleasure in simple ways at this time.
Suzanne Artley what Nicole said…
And all the way from France
Rebecca Kuiken No, it is a sign that God loves you no matter how much chocolate you eat … or share!
See how she has adopted the French attitude? This is, apparently, what pastors in France think. All of them.
So, blog readers, what do you say about the sign of the box of chocolates?