Another Whirl

Well, mom ended up in the hospital last night — more seizures. This time even though I was at home I managed to get to the rehab place by the time the paramedics showed up. We all rendezvoused at the hosptial, where it took an hour to be to see her in the ER. PRO-tip, if you are the medical power of attorney, so say. Apparently I would have gotten right in if I’d said that.

This excitement was after a nice day –Marin was springlike yesterday, although getting an oil change and new battery aren’t sexy, they can be ok when the weather is cooperating. Marie came down and we walked to the settling ponds for the sewage treatment plant next door, and not many birds around. Then we saw mom and brought cheer, then went to dinner. It wasn’t until about 9:00pm that I got the call about mom.

It always takes a while to get admitted, and I didn’t make it home until 3 am. I slept, and mistakenly took meds that aren’t supposed to coincide, and happily I was only groggy in the morning.

Now, at bout 4:30 pm on Saturday, I’m fading. Mom is on antibiotics because they are concerned she might have aspirated something in the seizures, and working on a medication adjustment. Her neurologist is in Tahoe, but checking in with the hospital doctors.

Of course this hit on a weekend with actual plans, including preaching tomorrow. Fortunately the sermon is done, so I’m down to the littler pieces of the service. And I had hoped to help Judy unpack boxes at her new place, but I have a rain check on that activity.

None of the hoo -ha does good things for my body, so I’m hoping to eek through this piece, because at some point I’ll need to think bout my livelihood, but with current events, that is getting pushed pack. I am grateful for some clergy friends who’ve passed along my name to some opportunities, it’s a nice counter to the other dysfunction going on.

And the knitting , well, yes, there’s been time for knitting, but it falls into the super-secret category at the moment, so there’s not much to tell.

One thing I am really hoping for -that I get to spend the day at Stitches West next Friday. It’s only one day, and I will have coped with moms discharge (I pray), a church meeting that is necessary, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Surely God could let me have one fun day in there?