Quest for Sock Yarn – Yet Again

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I really would like to be able to spin some yarn that is appropriate for knitting socks.  Sock yarn is way more tricky to accomplish because of the requirements for a sock that will last more than a few wearings. I tried to do this here, and then again here (at least I did an original design for a cowl – pattern coming soon!)  Obviously neither time my attempts to make sock yarn worked. Smarter people would give up, but at this moment I appear to be the agitator of hopeless tasks, so I’m returning to this now.

Partly it is the realization that being in-between jobs will, for the foreseeable future, hamper the acquisition of more yarn (not like I don’t have a yarn stash that can keep me busy for a while, but you know, a knitter can get a little ansty with merely the shadow of the thought of no yarn coming in the door).  I realized that I have bought some lovely fiber – some at fiber festivals a while ago like Rhinebeck, and then again last fall (winter) at SOAR.  So I have plenty to choose from, and then there’s the good thing about spinning that it makes for that much more fiber entertainment to get to the final product!

One fiber bump in particular is appropriate for this new attempt – Abstract Fibers in the Rhapsody colorway, fiber content is : Merino 40%, Superwash Merino 40%, and Silk 20%. And the colorway is so yummy!

Abstract merino silk blend

Now some folks may be wondering about that odd mix of fiber, specifically “regular” merino with the superwash merino – apparently they used this mix because the dye takes differently in the two different types of merino. It was done for the dye and not for any other reason according to the company.

I did a bit of a test spin for a 3-ply yarn, and ooooh, it is so great. It might even be sock yarn.

Rhapsody fiber test spinning

And I’m using that lovely KCL Woods multiple shaft spindle that I truly love!

Abstract rhapsody fiber 1a

A little blog business: I ran into a colleague today who was unsure about commiserating with me after seeing my rant on this blog  Here’s the deal as I see it: if you care enough to follow up with real questions and concern, that’s good to me.  Another who hadn’t seen my post asked if I could be on his list of prayer concerns, and he’s such a gentle sweet soul who really asked how I was, with lot’s of follow-up questions, that of course I wanted to be on the list.  I guess my point is this: if all you want to do is the church equivalent of a Facebook “like,” just don’t. I’m totally up for other options.

Mom is still very up and down. Yesterday was a bad day. This morning she already had ups and downs. She told me this week, “I need you to tell me that I’ll be ok.” And she will – she is very much God’s child and much loved by those who know her best.  But I don’t think that’s what she was asking. I think she was asking will the rest of her life seem ok to her. And I have a lot of doubts about that side of it.

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