up in the air

Life has taken a few turns, shall we say, and the best description of my life is up in the air.

For those who were turned off by my last post, well, it was written in context, and not all of you are privy to all of the context, but let me summarize briefly:

My mom has been sick off and on, a rollercoaster ride (those of you who’ve done this with seniors know what I mean) since Thanksgiving week.  I’m pretty much on my own coordinating things, and even when you pay people to do stuff, you still end up coordinating and following-uo and being responsible when things get mixed up.  When you’re the daughter, there’s really no back-up.

Most recently, my mom was in the ER and/or hospital 3 times in the last three weeks, and last Sunday, she got seizures on her 91st birthday (fortunately she got her chocolate cake in first), and spend 7 days in the hospital. It’s been really hard. And I don’t know where the best place for her to live is now, and I cycle among a variety of options, sometimes all in the same day.  Now she’s in rehab, and looking better thankfully.  But where she’ll end up is up in the air too.

Another part of my up in the air-ness is employment.  I’m no longer working at the church I was at, and that’s a really long story which has its very own Alice in Wonderland moments, some of which happened in the middle of said ER/hospital visits.  So my own next employment (other than my very fun water aerobics gig at the YMCA) is up in the air too.

Health: not great. Pro-tip: sometimes stress can help you lose weight without really trying, although I would recommend that you seek medical attention before losing too much. The upside: everyone thinks I look great!

I have many, many folks who are genuinely supportive and also provide amazing help when I need it.. I am learning who my friends are, and fortunately I have plenty!

Fortunately, the knitting is not up in the air.  I’ve finished some lovely things while sitting in ERs and hospital rooms.  First a pair of Humming Bird Socks in Denali yarn by Pagewood Farms. I love the stitch pattern, and the yarn is very yummy and cheerful:
Hummingbird socks

I also finished (except for the end weaving in) a cowl to match my Symetrie beret in the lovely BFL Handspun from Into the Whirled.

Symetrie cowl

And now I’m working on finishing a pattern for a cowl I improvised ages ago, and knitting a super-secret (not so much) baby set for friends who will love lots of color for the baby boy coming into their lives soon.
Playfyl Stripes Cardigan

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