FO: Guy Sweater

At last!  The Guy Sweater is done. A man’s sweater is a lot of knitting! Guy Sweater (rav link)

Guy Sweater1k

I’m calling it the Guy Sweater because it has that vibe.  It’s certainly not a Dad sweater, or a Mr. Rogers sweater.  It’s more casual, the kind of thing that a guy would hang out in on a weekend.  I can see a male model wearing it, in other words.

Guy Sweater1m

The basic template for the sweater is from Cheryl Brunette’s book Sweater 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit…and Organize Your Knitting Life at the Same Time.  It was originally published in 1991, and more recently in 2007.  It was clearly done before the digital era – the only reference to electronics is to a hand-held calculator (!).

Nevertheless, the book is full of good info for basic sweater templates, and I used one for a set-in sleeve capped pullover as the basic model.  There’s a way to calculate the set-in sleeve decreases and other good tips.

With the recipient’s permission, I also put in a basic textured stitch that was not fussy, and happy with how I used it.  The bottom of the sleeves and body are hemmed for a streamlined look.

Guy Sweater1k
I knitted this in pieces, because the Knitpicks Cotlin yarn  will have a tendency to sag (because of the cotton), so seams are my friends.   It has washed and dried beautifully in the machine.
The design of the neckline was a bit of a quandry.  I was tempted to mimic the hemmed edge of the body and sleeves at the neck, but I was not wild about doing it with ribbing – too bulky.  I ended up doing 1×1 twisted ribbing in a smaller needle, and frankly very happy with how it came out – a nice neckline but not heavy or flashy.

Guy Sweater1l

Now, the recipient hasn’t tried it on, but the measurements seem to be coming out ok, so I hope it does. But I’ve gotten one vote of approval in the household:


Brandy approves!