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What’s next? That’s a question I’m asking myself a lot right now. I’m dreadfully behind in work (going into the busier holiday season to boot!), and also trying to figure out my Mom’s care.

You’d think that because she is in a professional medical environment there would be People in Charge. But in reality, there are just individual professionals working their own little areas. The speech therapist to check on swallowing, physical therapy folks who are working on getting her up and moving and doing a good job, the CNAs to take of the smaller tasks, the nurses to give meds. But, I hear you say, what about the doctor?

Ah, there’s the rub. My mom got discharged, but I didn’t think to coordinate her internist to connect in – I just didn’t even think about it, and nobody asked (thanks, discharge planner, for overlooking this!). So instead of her regular doctor, we got The Quack. Now, I’m sure he’s not a quack, but he apparently has no people skills and an accent so thick that I can barely undertand him, so he gets to deal with the most vulnerable people who don’t get a choice and probably can’t understand him either. And he doesn’t know my mom or how she was before the hospital. And he has visited her once in five days. Yes, this is the “regular” care when you aren’t in a larger system like Kaiser, which I think does coordinate these things.

I’m trying to get her regular doctor back, but despite calling on Wednesday (it took me a couple of days to realize the situation), he apparently was getting ready to go on vacation for a week, so I don’t have an answer about whether he’ll see her in the the rehab center, or what it will cost for his visits until he gets back in 10 days.

So, I’m basically acting as the case manager — getting her diet changed, asking for the doctor to order blood tests, finding out how her rehab is going (much better than I thought), so she can go back where she’s lived. Frankly, Medicare ought to be paying me, since it’s my pushing that will get her off their dime more quickly.

But the knitting does continue. What’s next there? Glad you asked. I’m working on a hat to go with my Disappearing Dots Scarf, and plotting a cowl to go with my handspun hat. And finishing up some Christmas Gifts that shall remain secret…

And this morning I am doing the final blocking on the guy sweater. I’ve already washed and dried the individual pieces, so now it’s a steam blocking of the shoulders, armholes and neckline. I’ll let this dry, and then one more washing and let it half dry, and let flat dry for the final finishing. Whew!



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Such a trying time you’ve had. The support and love you give your mom is so special. Hearing she transferred to another floor, I peeked in on her at the end of my shift. She gave me the warm fuzzies (and I forgot all about my tired feet) when she said “hello” and remembered my face. Interacting with folks like you and your mom are a gift.

Healthcare’s a maze, confusing, agonizing. (Don’t get me going on this.) She’s so lucky to have you as an advocate! Please don’t hesitate to PM or email me if you need any help navigating. Glad to find your blog! I’ll be watching you.

Happy knitting!


Yep, my mom is totally great (no bias!), and she did great going back to the other floor. We got to see the nurse that saw the original incident and she got updated, which was lovely for all of us. You were one of the many God-sends at Marin General – I am so thankful. Mom is actually doing pretty well over the weekend – knows when it is now, reading the paper (although she’s going to need new glasses), watching TV, and dancing.


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