The Yarn Harlot has magical powers

In the middle of the spare room clean-up, a distressing fact hit me in the face – I could not find my button stash.  Nowhere.  The bag they used to be kept in? I moved them.  But where?  I checked the yarn bin, and came up empty (admittedly, there was a ton of crap in there).

So last night I was weaving in the ends of my sweater, and knowing that I would reach the moment when I wanted to have the buttons put on my sweater with the little backing button bought especially for this.  And magically, the Yarn Harlot started a little tweet fest while her oven was warming up.  So I asked her

@YarnHarlot where did I hide my button stash? Can’t find it.

And she replied:

Steph Pearl-McPhee@YarnHarlot

@reneerico Tin on the bottom shelf. (Wait, that’s mine.)

So true.  And then I realized that my first instinct, that I had put the small baggie of buttons with the yarn bin was probably correct (and I am not so good at thoroughly looking in that first place.  The magic of the Yarn Harlot, I tell you!

And now my sweater has buttons and is a complete FO (rav project details for Hey Teach):


The button stash is now clearly marked!

Button stash