The Games that shall not be named.

Surely most of the readers of this blog heard about the kerfuffle about what the name of the Ravelry games to honor the Olympics is called.  The USOC won that battle, but I have the evidence that the Ravelympics did exist:

Ravelympics Pins

Anyway, onto the current games! I was away in Lake Tahoe as the deadline approached, so I’ve only entered a couple of events this time.  I’m knitting the Florina cardigan with Habu’s Nermaki Cotton Slub (N-46).  It’s a very simply-knitted sweater, and I may end up dyeing the natural yarn when I’m done.


There are two different things about Knit Cook patterns.  First, every pattern comes with a recipe, which is lovely. Second, the pattern is written in diagram form, similar to how Japanese patterns are published.  I think I’ll be liking this – as an advanced knitter, I can interpret the decreases and increases myself.  I like learning new things!

The other is a very basic sock, and now that the Afghans for Afghans deadline got extended to August 15th, I’ll be cranking out more than just a couple of socks.  Right now I’m on Sock No. 10 for this campaign! See?

Checkerboard accent sock

So, what are you watching while addicted to the TV and mobile devices?  I’m into the gymnastics (in spite of the sexist coverage by NBC).

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