FO: Eiffel Tower Shawl

This is a lovely shawl, but it was a long, long knit!  Lace-weight yarn on size 1 needles, endless stockinette, then beads and a lace pattern.  But I love how it came out, and so does the giftee, my cousin Marie:

Eiffel Shawl 1f

I didn’t do a hard-block on the shawl because it is already quite large enough, but even without that, the pattern is lovely:
Eiffel Shawl 1j
And I like this photo because it shows off the beads:

Eiffel Shawl 1h

The beading placement was mostly my decisions – I thought the gradual, random placement would be like lighting.  The beads are mirror Size 8 beads.

The Eiffel Tower Shawl, by Natalie Servant.  My Rav project details.

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