Summer knitting update

For weeks I have been knitting lace-weight yarn on teeny-tiny needles.  It started like this:
Eiffel Shawl1a

And soon it got bigger, and I decided that adding in beads would be a good idea.  It was, but it made the knitting of the rows with the beads very slow, since I was adding them on the stitches themselves, and not stringing them ahead of time.

Then there was a fancy lace part just as the rows got unbelievably long (over 600 stitches):
Eiffel shawl 1c

But it is now knit, and even though I haven’t blocked it yet (I’ve got to use my queen bed for this baby), I love it,and fortunately, so does the intended recipient – my cousin Marie.  Who else would get a lace shawl, knit with lace yarn on size 1 needles with beads?  Seriously folks, it’s got to be someone who loves handknits!

eiffel shawl 1b
In other knitting news, I’m chugging away at socks for Afghans for Afghans.  These are  now done:

Colorful a4a socks

and I’ve got one more pair going at the moment:

reticulated pattern socks for a4a

There is also some super-secret test knitting underway, which won’t be revealed for a while.  It is not on size 1 needles, thank goodness!

Marin County Fair

I am happy to say that things are improving for the knitters – and the spinners – based on the Fair this year.  There was stunning handspun yarn submitted – a lot of it by my friend Judy.  Amazing garments and accessories handknit on tiny needles with great expertise won awards most deservingly.  It was nice to walk the fair this year and see that the beautiful sweaters won, and the ones done with expertise but not so wearable didn’t get 1st place this year.

One of my sweaters won the best-original design (not sure if I had any competition in that category), but since I am still trying to figure out if I want to make a pattern out of it, or submit it somewhere, or just keep it as a one-off, it is not appearing here.  My cowl out of handspun got a third-place (yay!) and my socks,

Lady try amour socks

which I thought would do a bit better, only got an honorable mention – but it was a tough category this year.

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I cannot believe that shawl: lace weight on size 1’s! That is impressive — and the shawl itself is just beautiful!

Congratulations on all your fair wins. I’m surprised about the socks, too. They are amazing. Love the leaves woven through them.

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