Sweater Kick

I have been knitting a lot of things for other people.  And while that is a good thing, I really want to knit for me. In  checking the knitwear in the closet I find:  plenty of socks, including a couple of pairs to go into rotation; lot’s of scarves, shawlettes, and cowls, more than I have time to wear.  I’m also good on hats.

So, it’s time for the spring sweater kick.  I’ve got three sweaters planned:

Slow Line.  I bought some fingering weight wool on a cone from WEBS at a ridiculously low price.  This is a simple, no seaming sweater that I hope will be a good transitional one through to summer.  In a neutral brown, I’ll be able to wear it with just about everything.

I’ve finished the collar, and the yoke and  I’m liking it. Perfect TV knitting!  And Izzie seems to approve too:

Slow line cardigan1a

Hey Teach.  Here, I’ll be using some Rowan Summer Tweed that I’d originally saved for another use, and will do 3/4 length sleeves.  Now, it’ll be another good layering piece, and this yarn, while it feels harsh when you knit it, drapes beautifully post-blocking.

Grande Plage Cardigan.  I’ve got a lot of extra sock yarn leftover, particularly in some Madeline Tosh Sock.  The chevrons a la Missoni are in style, so again, I’ve got plans for a cardigan!  The pattern says it is great for handspun (not so much, in my opinion), but I love the idea of stash busting! See the colors I’ve got?
Grand plage yarn

Garter Yoke Baby Cardi.  No, this isn’t for me, but a very versatile baby sweater that I found some great washable wool for.

Question time! – one commenter noted how young my mom looks for 90 (and she does!), and wondered what her secret is.  It’s free:  don’t go out in the sun.  Yeah, that simple.  I’ve gotten more sun than she has, so I don’t expect to look quite as good should I make it to a similar age.