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Dear Blog:

Forgive me, great blog in the sky.  It has been almost a month since my last post.

Ok, I’m not Roman Catholic, so I don’t know what the next lines should be, but I am so glad that, as far as I know, that blogs do not get mad or sad.  Blog readers might feel a tiny bit neglected, and I am sorry.  There has been a lot happening, with vacation, a 90th birthday, a business trip, and adventure.

We’ll have to do this in spurts to catch up, so first let me say that catching up on my vacation was a wonderful thing for my body.  I am so glad that I went down to Monterey, which is in my experience, one of the most beautiful areas in California.  Now, in winter, this can be an iffy proposition, but I lucked out. See?


I stayed in a lovely Inn called, Old St. Angela Inn in Pacific Grove, which is right next to Monterey, and a little quieter with amazing restaurants. See what a great room I had?


Seriously, between the bed and the chairs by the fireplace, I really didn’t have to leave the room to have a wonderful time (and thanks be to the wonderful gift of the iPad, which makes all of this quite lovely!

Perhaps most importantly, Pacific Grove has a great yarn store called Monarch Knitting.  Seriously, even if you don’t like the ocean, going to the store will be worth your while.  The owner and staff are great, and they got me onto a lovely  Knit-along, (KAL) called Kinetik.

I am not generally a KAL kind of knitter.  Knitting takes a lot of time, unlike, say, sewing, so I want to knit things that will be happy about, and with a KAL, you don’t really know.  But Laura Nelkins is a great designer, and she had a yarn and beads lace KAL planned.  I’d seen the ads on Ravelry, but again, because I’m not a KAL girl, I didn’t sign-up.

But at Monarch Knitting, two of the staff were doing the KAL, and they showed me their swatches and the first clue knit, and I realized that this was likely to turn out to be something that I would like.  Since they are a great yarn store, there was plenty of fingering weight yarn to choose from, and they had the beads too!  So, with a credit card in hand, I got all the materials, and  purchased the KAL.

Honestly, it’s been a while since my knitting skills have been challenged, and it was good to have that happen again.  Lot’s of beads were a new thing for me, and it took a bit of changing up the technique to get things working, but I did manage it.

Here’s a photo of an early part of my project from this pattern:


I also worked on some mittens for my twitter friend Cheryl:

And with that, part 1 of the catch-up postings is done. I still have more to report including

  • how to rock while turning 90 (my mom, Helen, not me)
  • More knitting for Afghans for Afghans
  • Kinetic progress
  • and why my stupid phone is pretty smart.

BTW – I will be at Stitches West next week, just for the day on either Friday or Saturday – anybody else going?Would love to say hi!

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