Sample Sweater – and I really do mean the “sample” part

What do you do if you don’t have time to knit the whole D@ng sweater in time for Christmas?  Knit a sample one:
Sample sweater

This took about an hour to knit, which means there really is time to finish a sweater in time for Christmas!


On the Day Before Christmas

Yesterday was a fun day.  It began with my now infamous routine to the 12 Days of Christmas that I use every year in water aerobics.  My students put up with a lot, let me say. No photos to protect the guilty.

Also, I collected supplies for the annual tradition of Christmas cookie baking:
Christmas cookie baking1a

Two delightful sisters stopped by to make them:
Christmas cookie baking1b
Christmas cookie baking1c
Resulting in edible art:
Christmas cookie baking1d
I already have my post-Christmas knitting planned.  First up, some socks from The Knitter’s Book of Socks which I got at the Soccupy Oakland event last month. The pattern is Lady Tryamour by Sivia Harding, and the yarn is Staccata by Shi Bui – it is quite lovely!

Sock Project1a

And for my Tweet-up friend Eric, there are some fingerless mittens coming -out of this yarn:

Saalon's yarn1b

Because that’s a what a knitter does for her friends.

As we enter this time of celebration of so many holidays and observances that talk about light, I wish to all the hope that light brings to our lives.