Pretties and Holies

I seem to be on a knitting kick at the moment — small gifts made out of the Ribband pattern.  See?

The yarn is leftover stash, so the only cost is the beads and fittings.  They crank out pretty quickly!

In other news, there are some socks in need of repairs.  Not sure when that will happen, but hopefully before I really need them.

Holey Socks
And in unrelated news, I am so glad that I can now get a flu shot at the pharmacy.  Went it to my regular pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and with 20 minutes, I also had my shot, and all the co-pays kicked in.  So convenient!

2 replies on “Pretties and Holies”

Congratulations on your new job. That is the best name ever for a church!

I don’t know how you get so much knitting done! I am so slow.

I’m laughing at your falling snow. We don’t even have snow here in Wisconsin!

Yeah, that snow on the blog is the only kind we get around here, although the temperature is 24 degrees as I write this. We got a cold snap at night.

The little necklaces only took a couple of hours each. And they managed to beat out any Christmas decorating this year, with everything else, I just didn’t have the time!

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