What Next?

It’s a mad dash between me and the end of the year.  I am switching jobs right before Christmas, which is a little insane in a church job, but I’ve never claimed I was all there, so the blog is getting ignored. Sorry!

I am still knitting along – my own-design cardigan is proceeding with the help of a friend who gave me a great idea for the collar, photos when the sleeves are done and attached (I hope).  The Wurm hat is also going ok, although I am nervous about having enough yarn.  Afghans for Afghans socks and a sweater are WIPS, which is fine, since they are not due ’til January.  I’m even knitting a store sample of a small shawl (it’s mindless and fast).

Because I am busy and there’s less time on the couch, the kitties are not all that happy with me because the weather has changed to the winter-for-us-in-the-Bay-Area model.  They have joined in what is a familiar protest.  I’m calling it “Occupy Wool”:
Occupy Wool

This is their favorite knitted object in the house, being made of a significant amount of Cascade Eco-wool that must smell wooly to them even when not wet.  It is also the largest one, being the Log Cabin afghan that took quite a while and lot’s of leftoverss.

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