Quest for Sock Yarn

Many years ago (30 to be exact) there was a movie called Quest for Fire, in which cave-dwelling humans found that they had lost their fire (which was their ability to keep warm, have cooked food, etc), and sent 3 men on a quest to find some other group of humans that would give them fire or from whom they could capture it.  It was a great quest — and it ends with good things for the tribe and fire.

I have only a little quest – I want to spin sock yarn.  I’m pretty good at spinning not sock yarn.  So, with some great BFL wool, naturally dyed by Kristine of A Verb for Keeping Warm, my quest begins again.  Here’s a photo of three sample spins, and the swatches that they produced:


The original not-sock yarn was worsted-aran weight.  My next attempt (#1) at a more sock-like yarn looks great, but it is a DK weight yarn at 5.5 stitches per inch. I tried spinning woolen again – just does not work – but would be great for a sweater!  So noted.

My second attempt (#2) was to spin worsted, but to spin the singles hard, and ply lighter (I did navajo plying because I was lazy).  It turned out a nice dense yarn, but kind of thick at 6 stitches per inch.

The third attempt (#3) was to spin worsted, concentrating on drafting well, and spinning the singles less, and plying hard.  Bingo!  I have a lovely yarn at 7 stitches per inch, and a nice feel.

So, I’ve split the rest of the bump into 3 lengths, and will be spinning them and hopefully end up with my first bit of sock yarn.  You hear me spinning Goddesses, this is gonna be sock yarn!

Oh, and I finished a cowl from the not-sock-yarn, and hopefully by next week, I’ll have a pattern to share!

Simple Cowl1f

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