Back to the World

This week has had a couple of milestones.  I had the other scary brain imaging thing, and that fortunately doesn’t show anything acutely wrong, although I will take said images to neurologist who wants to see them.  I am still getting itchiness and headaches, but they are lessened with medication.

Yesterday I went back to teaching my water aerobics class, and kidded them that they are now in better shape than I am.  It went well, but with a meeting at my mom’s assisted living place, and carrying in a new bed frame for her, I might have overdone things a little – was exhausted in the afternoon, although fine by the evening and ok today.

That means I am really back in the world, with all the pluses and minuses.  Among the minuses I discovered as I got well is that my apartment was a wreck.  Give it a few months, and I might have been a candidate for Hoarders, the minister’s edition.  On the plus side, I had bought a voucher through Living Social for housecleaning, so I scheduled them to come (and paid for a couple of more hours – because I want my kitchen fully clean), and now I have to straighten things up and toss/organize a ton of stuff so the cleaners can clean.  The kitties are a bit nonplussed by the removal of things on the floor, on tables (like, there’s a dining table there?), recyclables to the bins downstairs, and all manner of crud/crap getting out of there.  Still have a ways to go, but I can now look around not feel anxious.

Which is a good thing, because I am embarrassingly behind on some of my professional life, not like I didn’t have a reason, but still.   I feel like the header of every post, tweet, email, and phone conversation should start with “I apologize.” Today I started and/or completed a few things that had been nagging at me for weeks, and even dealt with a bride-from-hell who just has to twist the knife into me one more time to see if she can draw some blood.   Brides are for the most part lovely, so I’m just sucking it up, as we all have to do in our jobs.

One good thing on the horizon is that I get to go to Princeton for work the 2nd week of October.  I’m going to take the weekend after for me – either get together with a friend, or simply relax in the Fall colors.  I’d love to go to the Rhinebeck Festival, but I have a couple of things to work out. It appears that this is far enough away that I’d need to rent a car even to catch a bus trip to it, and then  find a hotel room, but I may lurk on the Ravelry forum to see if there’s a bed open somewhere within 50 miles.  When would I ever get there otherwise?

Knitting-wise, I am working on finishing up a wool cardigan for my Mom the one week it is in the 90’s here.  Timing is bad for that – but it’s looking pretty good. Here’s the body:

Victoria adapted 1d

Sleeves will get blocked (I’ll try out my new inSpinknity blocking wires and report), and then I can assemble at leisure. I’m thinking I’ll give it to her in November when things get cool around here.

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