Even Better

I noted that I am over the fact that my woolen-spun 3 ply is not sock yarn:


When I showed this yarn with some swatching on it to my spinning fiberista friend Judy on Saturday, the conversation went like this:

“What is it?”

“That’s just some stitches I made up.”

“No, the fiber.”

“Oh, it’s 100% BFL from Miss Babs.”

“No, it isn’t. Look at the shine and the fuzz. There’s some silk in it”

You gotta love a friend who can spot silk content in a yarn by the fuzz.

The funny thing about this? That’s what the label said when I bought it, but Miss Babs was convinced that my bump, along with some others, had gotten mislabled, so she charged me less for the 100% wool, and crossed out the silk part.  And I spun it, the whole time thinking there was no silk in it, and that it would be sock yarn.

After ripping out my first swatchings, I created this stitch pattern (probably has a name in some stitch dictionary, I haven’t checked) which is looking pretty good in this yarn:

Simple Cowl

I’m sure the silk is making all the difference!

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