Adapt, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about adapting a sweater pattern and substituting stitch patterns, so that you don’t have to completely design a whole sweater, which I am also doing.  In this post, I am re-grouping from a spinning failure surprise.

You see, the intent was to spin some sock yarn, but things didn’t quite turn out as planned.  Instead, I have some bouncy and quite beautiful 3-ply worsted-ish yarn  in the lovely Blackwater colorway out of BFL from Miss Babs.  Now that I’m over the disappointment of this being not-sock-yarn, I can see how beautiful it is:


Now, the fact that recently I acquired five 2 oz other bumps of beautiful naturally-dyed BFL (dyed by A Verb for Keeping Warm) from an LYS closeout sale has definitely helped in the “move-on, nothing to see here” phase.  I can work on making some sock yarn out of it. Really. I’m sure I can. (I hope I can?)

The plan for the not-sock-yarn is a cowl, and I plan to totally wing it.  It’ll probably be knit in the flat to take advantage of the subtle color variations in the yarn, and will use some texture, and probably have some button closure.  Other than that, really, this is just a large swatch, so it’ll be some fun in-between knitting for the sweater design and sweater adaptation. My guess is that it will be a Christmas present, unless I love it too much.

The kitties had excitement this last week, because a package from my swap partner for the kitty-toy swap came.  Packaging can be as fun as the actual stuff, you know!

even packaging is fun