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Yes, I am happy to report that the pox spot scabs are falling off, and soon those spots will be a distant memory.  And energy-wise, things are better – I will try doing a few hours at work on Monday to see how it goes.  I’m more than a little bored (even the latest episode of Project Runway hasn’t helped).

The baby birds are definitely gone, and at least one member of the Casa del Pox family is quite happy.  Izzie can now lounge for hours on the balcony in her favorite chair:

Me, well, lucky me, I received an emergency yarn house call from my local yarn store owner, Sophie, who owns Blue Bird Yarn and Fiber.  Pretty cool, huh?  Nothing can replace that kind of service or care. I put in an SOS for some Tosh Sock, and she brought a few colors for me to check out.  The deep blue (colorway is Fathom) I already had, and that yummy olive-y green-brown (colorway is Oak) is what I picked:


and these two colors are turning into a Rosemary Hill design, Taygete (rav link) from her 7 Small Shawls ebook.


This is a truly lovely pattern, but I  noticed that the pattern says the shawl is over 90 inches post-blocking, which is way more shawl than I need, being a bit height-challenged.  So I’m shooting for a 60+ inch size using the notes she provided in the pattern to adjust it. Gotta love a designer who puts the math into her pattern to make it easy!

Boredom also got me swatching with the Madeleine Tosh Vintage – what a fabulous yarn it is.  I have a great new idea for a sweater, the washed swatch is drying to see if I like the needle size and gauge.  And I’ve pulled out an older sweater that I designed a while back to put together a submission to a publisher – time to get my juices going in that direction.

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Ooh Lovely colors for the Taygete! I’m no where near even starting any of those 7 shawls and I went and bought the next collection.
Glad the pox scabs are healing/falling off and that you are getting your energy back! It’s tough when you get this and you’re either very very young or not a kid any more! Yikes!

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