A Pox on my house? or why I won’t be at Sock Summit

The plans had been made, the tickets ordered, the hotel arranged.  A roommate appeared at the end – a friend, no less.  I was excited!

And it was not to be.  The FUO (fever of unexplained origin) started to explain itself.  Last night, I was relieved at the departure of the fever – I thought I was home free.  Then I noticed a few red bumps – looking up on the Google, I figured it was probably boils, which are handeable, and slept ok.  But in the morning, more bumps – not so usual for boils.  I got a doctor’s appointment at 12 noon, and upon seeing my face, neck and torso now covered in red bumps/rash, my physician left the room to find a colleague – the first time ever – not a good sign at all.

After having them both peruse my bumps, I realized that I have a virus (probably varicella, aka chicken pox, or something like it), which has now caused the rash.   A blood test will confirm.  But in the meantime, I realized that I am highly contagious, and can’t go out in public, and also still feel lousy and definitely look odd.

Sock summit is not happening for me.  Which pretty much stinks since this was going to be my first vacation in over a year.

As cancellations go, this isn’t costing me much.  I was grabbing a ride up with friends, and the motel reservation could be cancelled because my friend also had life issues intervene.  I’m selling a couple of classes, and gifting another, making someone very very happy which helps take the sting out of it.  I won’t be out much more than $100.

But still…sigh.

And yes, I never had chicken pox as a kid, and the vaccine didn’t come out until 1995.  I don’t know why any one of the number of physicians that I’ve had has never suggested that I get it.