Kitty Inspection, Tour de Fleece Update

I’m happy to report that the prodigal cat, Brandy, is doing well and back to her fiber inspection duties.  She looked over my samples that I took to the Marin County Fair for a spinning demonstration on July 4th:


There are no photos – but it was a lovely time.  My fiber enabler friend Judy brought her e-spinner and wheel, while I brought my spindles, and another knitter was there too – whose name I’ve forgotten.  Some of the folks we had fun with included;

  1. a little girl (about 4-5) who thought giving my spindle a thigh-roll to make yarn was absolutely a wonderful thing
  2. a woman who has been yearning to learn to spin, and got a bit of a chance to learn on my spindle
  3. the girl who felt the different kinds of wool and could tell the difference between soft and rough

It was delightful to show the young and old how this worked, and let them see us having fun.

Brandy has also been helping with my Cece cardigan:


This is a fun and easy pattern, and one that I may do again with a my own lace pattern as a modification.  The Rowan Calmer yarn is so light and stretchy – I’m sure my cousin Rachel will love this sweater.

I’ve also finished spinning the Tussah silk – about 120 yards of fingering weight singles:

spun unfinished silk1a

spun finished silk

I’m pretty busy ’til the end of the month, so I pretty much think that this might be it for me for Tour de Fleece…