Return of the Prodigal Cat

The short version – Brandy is back!

The longer version.  Brandy has been gone 25 days (yes, I’ve been counting).  Yesterday, I took a day off from searching, and felt guilty about it.  But I had to – emotionally I’ve had so many highs and lows.

This morning, as I was making coffee, there was a pounding at my door – and I really did think that it might be news of Brandy.  Trish, my upstairs neighbor was coming back from taking her girls to school, and she spied Brandy hanging out on the stairs leading to her apartment.  So, she quickly got me, and there she was – way thinner, but ok.

Brandy - the prodigal 1

I called to her, and she came down, but tried to go around me, and I nabbed her hindparts and didn’t let her go, getting a hiss (but no claws) for my trouble.  Once she was in my arms, she was totally calm.  After a couple of hurrays! with Trish, I got her back into the apartment.

She’s checking everything out, and eating up a storm – fortunately she’s pacing herself in that department. I think she lost a couple of pounds on this adventure, and her fur is pretty matted, but I’m not finding an obvious injuries at the moment.   She’s taken a nap on my lap, and now is on the eco-wool afghan (my cats do know the good stuff).

Brandy - the prodigal 2Brandy - the prodigal 3
Later today we head to the vet to have her checked out.  Whew!  The stories Brandy has in her that I’ll never know…