Day 15

It’s been 15 days since Brandy disappeared.  It’s an up and down thing.  I’ve had folks with probably sightings, and probably some weren’t her, but I think a couple of them might have been.  The trap caught one cat, but since then, nothing.  Today I’m planning to go around and put flyers at each door, and meet the neighbors if they are home.  I’ll continue to put out the trap.  Still checking with all the shelters, etc.

In more fiber related news, I’ve figured out how to improvise a lazy kate for my interchangeable KCL spindle. See?  I’m using a small organizing basket that I had (they cost less than $10), and then I put the spindles with the fiber on them into the small square holes.

Spindle Kate
Then I used my super-duper method of holding the spindles –Yes, those are rubber bands.  If I get to a hardware store, I’ll buy some nuts to use.

Spindle Kate 2

Now I feel like I can spin much more efficiently, and no special equipment required!