At least it’s working

Kitty watch:  I moved the trap outside the stairwell, and as I was driving back from teaching water aerobics today, I got a phone call from my neighbor that a kitty was in it. Hope reigned!  I sped home, and by the time I got there, my neighbor Kristin was already downstairs (with a kitty carrier bless her), but it was not my cat – there’s a large grey cat in the neighborhood.  But at least the trap works.  Just now, another neighbor kitty was sniffing around the trap – the tuna is such good stuff!

In other news, I took yesterday off (just exhausted from everything), and finished the sock, which I’m finding very cute, to tell the truth:

Caesar's Check Sock1eCaesar's Check Sock1c
Caesar's Check Sock1dCaesar's Check Sock1b

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When we had our trap out I think we caught every racoon in the neighbourhood before we trapped Mac. The nice thing is that once trapped, twice shy unless it’s a young racoon who liked the trap so much he tried it three nights in a row. We moved our trap a couple of time before Mac took the bait so, although it’s frustrating, don’t give up. With time and persistance you should be able to retrieve Brandy. She’s just found a really good spot to hide and doesn’t want to give it up yet. Lost cats have been found months after they have gone missing.

I was actually talking to the receptionist at our vets the other day, she had lost her cat last summer. She said the cat was gone for three weeks and one day when she got home it was perched on her BBQ looking in the window. Cats move in mysterious ways.

I’m just hoping she wasn’t taken by a coyote (plenty around). She might have been found by a neighbor who brought her in – I may go door-to-door this weekend.

Will set trap up in a new place tonight.

We live close to a large protected park and so there are always coyotes around, too. But coyotes are pretty shy and tend to stay away from areas with humans although some can be pretty brazan, like the one my son-in-law saw sauntering down the middle of the road in broad daylight. Cats can be pretty savy about things like that. We were more worried about the other cats in the neighbourhood chasing him away than we were the coyotes. I think she still needs a bit of time, maybe if you have a few minutes a day to just sit quietly in a likely area with some of her favourite treats? It’s still early days yet, although I know it doesn’t feel like that to you and it seems like she’s been gone forever. I would keep looking and calling even after it seems futile. You just never know what it will take for a cat to decide to come home.

I’m still searching. I’ll try to stay up late tonight, and I’m putting out the trap today.

Need to call one of the shelters with a tortie that they found – no photo on -line, but just in case…

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