At least it’s working

Kitty watch:  I moved the trap outside the stairwell, and as I was driving back from teaching water aerobics today, I got a phone call from my neighbor that a kitty was in it. Hope reigned!  I sped home, and by the time I got there, my neighbor Kristin was already downstairs (with a kitty carrier bless her), but it was not my cat – there’s a large grey cat in the neighborhood.  But at least the trap works.  Just now, another neighbor kitty was sniffing around the trap – the tuna is such good stuff!

In other news, I took yesterday off (just exhausted from everything), and finished the sock, which I’m finding very cute, to tell the truth:

Caesar's Check Sock1eCaesar's Check Sock1c
Caesar's Check Sock1dCaesar's Check Sock1b