At Both Ends

On Brandy watch – another couple of sightings by neighbors, and dry food that I’m leaving out seems to be getting eaten – all very good.  She is right here, and I’m going to try to get a trap for her.

On Mom watch – I wasn’t happy with how my Mom looked this week – getting weaker, and in a lot of pain.  So I bundled her up and took her to the ER (because the ortho practice wouldn’t get her in), and feeling perhaps a bit wasteful of our medical $$.  As it turns out, it was a good thing – her doc took blood work (which I kinda wondered at), and found that she was low in sodium – an important electrolyte, especially if you have heart issues, which she does.  It explains a lot, fortunately. She got admitted, and I’ll be heading over soon – we’re trying to figure out how this happened.

At least there was time for some knitting at the hospital. A gal on Ravelry a while back said that she had some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn that she didn’t like and would give way, so I immediately said, “Me, Me!”  I’m using one of the patterns from Sensational Socks a mosaic pattern called Caesar’s Check (rav link) – and I think they are looking very cute:

Caesar's Check Sock1a

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So happy to hear that there have been additional sightings. When we trapped Mac we caught everything else first but putting out a food that he found irressitble (tuna) really worked.

Sorry to hear about your mother, I know how stressful this is for you and I’m sure the knitting helps to keep your mind busy elsewhere. Love the pattern, I may have to use that one myself.

Take care and, even though it’s hard to do, think positive. It really does work.

Yes, it’s hard to figure out when to go. I’ve learned to trust my guts – I figured out last year.

We’ve not gotten Brandy yet – there’ve been sightings, we’ve heard meowing close by. But no kitty yet.

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