Things I have learned about my neighborhood

  1. There are some pretty great neighbors around.  The pet owners, especially, have been wonderful as I search.
  2. There are owls in my neighborhood.
  3. The tennis players at the park are really nice.
  4. Jack rabbits can really startle you at midnight.
  5. I can cat whisper the neighbor cats with no problem.  They are delightful, but not Brandy.
  6. There’s a lot of secret stashing of “treasure” in stairwells in the apartment complex.  Huge TVs, plastic totes of who knows what…

I got my first lead in a few days about an hour ago.  A guy in the apartment building behind mine think he saw Brandy this morning while walking his two golden labs.  I’m thrilled if she is this close!  Just went calling all over and around that building and the hill behind (adding in audio effects (hitting spoon against food dish) and video (laser tag toy), but now I think I’ll set my alarm for 4 or 5 am (shudder) to look for her then.