On Kitty Watch

Here at Chez Revknits, we are on kitty watch.  Brandy, pictured below with handknits, has still not shown up or been discovered.


To say that Isadora and I are sad and distraught about this is an understatement. Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and concern, and ideas for how to search. I have talked with neighbors, put up signs, left out favorite wet food (untouched), contacted and visited the local Humane Society, looked for her in the early morning and late at night (although I haven’t yet done the 1 am to 5 am – maybe tonight). I’ve got the little girls in the neighborhood helping – they’ve been great. This morning I hunted in the repair shed of the apartment complex with the return of the staff. Still hoping for the best.

I finally got a shot of the Mobius on – I really do like it a lot, and it will be a lovely warmer weather item. There’s a knitter at my church who teaches math, and I showed it to her, because most peoples’ eyes glaze over when you say mobius to them, but she understood right away.

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