FO: Bertha’s Mad, Mysterious Mobius

The mobius came out well:

Bertha's Cowl1b.JPG

the yarn’s colors just glow:

Bertha's Cowl1c.JPG
Bertha's Cowl1d.JPG
I made the mobius much narrower than the pattern would have required – mostly it was planned that way because I didn’t have enough yarn for a wider version, but then it turns out that this was a great idea because I am a short person, and I wanted a cowl for the warmer, coolish weather that we have here in the SF Bay Area.  Pattern:  Bertha’s Mad, Mysterious Mobius, my Rav project details here: Renee’s mobius

And it was lovely to get together with Mom on Mother’s Day.  She had already partied hard at Cinco de Mayo festivities where she lives, and even danced, but we had a lovely time with my cousin and her family at a buffet lunch on Sunday.  I have to admit that it is nice for all concerned to walk straight into the dining room, have a lovely meal with decent service on such a day.  See, my mom is even wearing her Mondo Cable Cardigan:

Renee & Helen

She’s not feeling great this week, so I brought over the newly remastered Pride & Prejudice miniseries (the one with the divine Colin Firth), and that definitely lifted her spirits.  He has magical powers of healing, I am sure of it!

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